Stainless Steel Straw - Angled


Stainless Steel Straw - Angled



These straws are distributed by Plastic Phobia who pride themselves on sourcing sustainably and ethically sourced products. They support producers who use minimal plastic packaging and only use carbon neutral shipping across the supply chain.


Made with easy to clean stainless steel that can be reused time and time again.
Once your straws have lived their life, using stainless steel makes them infinitely recyclable.

What to expect…

Straw measures 6mm in diameter and 205mm in length and in our opinion, everything tastes better through a steel straw.

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Made to Last…

Clean with a straw cleaning brush (we sell these separately in the shop*) and hot soapy water.
Leave to dry completely on a tea towel or upright in a cutlery drainer.

*Many retailers will include the price of brush cleaners with the steel straws, but in a bid to only supply you with what you need, we sell them separately. No-one needs 10 free brush cleaners floating about their cutlery drawer!

Use them instead of…

There is a recent estimate that the UK alone throws away 8.5 billion single use straws per year, (much higher than all other European countries).
This is the equivalent in weight to 31 blue whales. Straws don’t weigh very much so that is ALOT of straws.
The damage this causes to the oceans has been well documented and most people have seen the horrific video of a turtle having a plastic straw removed from it’s nose.
Unfortunately this doesn’t cover the extent of the problem. So rather than waiting for the upcoming plastic straw ban in the UK, investing in reusable straws now would be a good move for yourself, your family and the environment.