Linen Soap Saver


Linen Soap Saver



Every soap saver is handmade in Dumfries & Galloway by Vikki, Esme and Katie at Zero Waste Space.


Each bag is made from scrap linen sourced from the area’s renowned mills. Although surplus and technically wastage, the linen used is new and of excellent quality.

What to expect…

No more soap slime! Slip the last slivers of soaps inside your linen soap saver and scrub away until all the soap is used up.

All natural colours, but colour may vary slightly depending on the linen available from the mill.
Approx Size (handmade not factory made means this may vary slightly): 10cm x 13cm

Made to Last…

Machine washable at 40ºC, line dry.

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Use them instead of…

Shower Gel - The detergent in shower gel is a petrochemical product, so it uses up fossil fuel reserves and it doesn’t biodegrade well. It’s also full of nasty foaming agents SLS & SLES (linked to both cancer and hormonal disruption). Shower gel tends to be packaged in plastic containers that don’t biodegrade either. A bar of soap is a much safer and better for the environment.