Reusable Make Up Wipes - Grey


Reusable Make Up Wipes - Grey


10 x small square reusable make up wipes

Why We Love Them

  • Handmade by Little Green Wood in York

  • Reusable and machine washable

  • Super soft to the touch

  • Incredibly effective at removing even stubborn eye make up

  • Made with 100% cotton towelling on one side and 100% cotton fleece on the other

  • Both sides can be used to remove make up on even the most sensitive skin

What to Expect

These square make up wipes are just slightly bigger than a round cotton pad (approx 8cm x 8cm). You get 10 in a pack and can buy a mesh wash bag separately to make washing easier. Wash them with the rest of you clothes or towels at 30ºC or 40ºC and air dry.

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Use Them Instead Of…

While some disposable cotton pads may be biodegradable, (although they are rarely properly composted) many are made up of cotton and synthetic fibre (plastic) blends. Not only this, the nature of farming cotton for disposable as opposed to reusable purposes is entirely unsustainable. Cotton farming uses enormous amounts of energy and water. So it’s much better for the environment to use a reusable cotton product many times than to use it once and throw it into landfill.