Scrubbies Dish Scrubbers - Bees


Scrubbies Dish Scrubbers - Bees



Handmade in Wales by the lovely Kerry at Scrubbies.


Made with 100% organic cotton, naturally antibacterial bamboo padding, durable (and scrubby) hessian back and 100% organic thread. Scrubbies are fully biodegradable.

What to expect…

Slightly thinner than an average kitchen sponge, at first glance these Scrubbies do not look like they pack a kicthen-cleaning punch, but they certainly do! We’ve used ours for scrubbing the most stubborn of pots, worktops and cookers. Routinely chucked in the wash or sometimes dishwasher, we wouldn’t be without our wonderful reusable kitchen companions.
They are sold in sets of two so you can have one at the sink and one in the wash. once out of the wash you don’t need to dry them before use, just rinse under the tap and get scrubbing.

Made to Last…

Made to be durable enough to withstand the busyness of a family kitchen.
Wash at 40ºC
Compost disposal when done.

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Use them instead of…

Plastic kitchen scrubbers and sponges.
A single plastic sponge will remain on Earth fo 52,000 years. Plastic sponges also can’t breathe while drying like organic materials can so a plastic sponge simply serves as a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Antibacterial sponges are often loaded with triclosan and other anti-microbial agents linked to cancer. This chemical also makes its way into the waterways, poisoning marine life. The use of this has been banned in the USA but not the UK.

In 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the sale of antiseptic washes containing triclosan (and other ingredients) because of concerns that exposure could carry risks to human health, including being a possible cause of cancer, as well as potentially contributing to antimicrobial resistance.

Source: NHS News UK

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