Coconut & Vanilla Natural Deodorant

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Coconut & Vanilla Natural Deodorant



Made in the UK by Native Unearthed using kitchen ingredients. They follow the rules, ‘if you won't put it in you, we won’t put it on you’.


Free from Palm Oil, Parabens, Sulphates, Triclosan, Phthalates, Aluminium and Cruelty.

What to expect…

A long lasting natural pot of goodness, designed to keep you fresh on your most demanding days. Made with just 5 high performance kitchen ingredients.
Apply a pea sized amount to clean underarms and rub in. The deodorant will melt on application and dry instantly.
Note that both the lid and the label are plastic on this product. The lid can be recycled. The product is so good it’s still worth listing and the hope is that our supplier will find a more sustainable packaging alternative soon.


Bicarbonate of Soda – Neutrilises Odour
Arrow Root – Absorbs Moisture
Shea Butter – Moisturises & Soothes
Coconut Oil – Nourishes skin
Vanilla Essential Oil – Gentle floral finish/soothes skin

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